• DKS. The forever-lost-kid look. 

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  • Seriously can’t pick which song will be my fave. Can’t wait for the release of the whole track. Hey! Mamacita naega ayaya yaya~

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  • It’s just a teaser but you guys never disappoints us. NEVER! ( ;

    Super Junior 슈퍼주니어_MAMACITA(아야야)_Music Video Teaser 2

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  • I would be very happy if both Kris and Kyungsoo will take part of the Ice Bucket Challenge since both of them received a nomination by their close friend, or if not just a video saying that they will donate or anything. Please, just a video.

    Idk why, but I really miss you both…. together.

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  • ohmymyeolchi:

    Sooner than I expected, but I did promise a 7jib giveaway, so here it is!


    • Likes and reblogs count.
    • No giveaway blogs. I’ll check.
    • You do not have to be following me. 
    • As always, this giveaway is international
    • Your ask box must be open! If i can’t contact you within 48 hours, I will pick a different winner. I will message you several times over that time.
    • You have to be comfortable with giving me your email and address. I have had previous issues with asks going through and that only causes problems, so emailing is best.
    • All the entries will be numbered and the winner will be selected through a random number generator.
    • If you are underage, please get your parents permission to give me your address.
    • Giveaway ends September 12, 2014 11:59 pm PST


    There will be three winners, and each will receive one copy of Super Junior’s Mamacita version A (no poster)

    Don’t be afraid to ask if you have any questions!

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